During the course of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 28 small art pieces will be placed across the City for anyone to find.

Each piece will be enclosed within a clear bag with an instruction leaflet enclosed

The artwork can be found at locations within walking distance of the Heart Of Midlothian




When a Finder reads the instructions they will be asked to photograph the artwork in situ if possible and send a small file image to the artist including information on location, time and circumstances of the find. Images and information will be added to the website.




The Finder then has three choices:


a. Keep the Artwork.

b. Leave the Artwork for others  to find.

c. Move the Artwork to another location.

* Notes

a. Once the Finder has discovered a piece of Artwork and contacted the Artist they will be sent a Certificate of Authentication to prove that the item is not Lost or Stolen and it will then become the property of the Finder.


b. The Finder is requested to contact the Artist with information on the new location and reasons for choice. This information will not become public until the Artwork has been re-found.

c. See * below.


E-Mail address to sent images to:

lostnotfoundabscission (at) googlemail.com

*The new location must not break or infringe any local or national law or bylaw and must not be a danger or hindrance in any way to any person or thing. The Artist is not responsible for any re-located pieces.