Lost not Found:Abscission. Lost Christmas I give You My Art

A second project.

A different City.

Colchester City Centre in association with Slackspace.


EXHIBITION- 'BLOOD ON THE SNOW' [17 Dec - 10 Jan] is a Slack Space group exhibition featuring:

Work which subverts or looks at traditional Christmas iconography in a new way // Work which challenges the consumerism of Christmas and the 'Christmas industry'// Work which explores the old rituals and festivals which predate the Christmas tradition including sacred items and images


The artwork was sited by the Group in accordance with instructions by the Artist.

As yet no Artworks have been reported as Found. February 2010.


Many believe that Christmas has lost it's perceived meaning and all encompassing consumerism and greed rule the season.

I propose to bring a little surprise back to the winter festival by 'giving' a number of small artworks to the people of Colchester.

During the Edinburgh Fringe Festival I hid 28 artwork pieces around the City with instructions on how to report and keep or re-locate the 'Lost' artworks. The results  of Lost not Found:Abscission were published on Googlemaps.

 'For Blood On The Snow' I have created 14 pieces for the season.

The Artworks are sited within Colchester Town Centre for anyone to find. As pieces are found and reported the areas will be marked on a map in the Gallery as well as here.


In Association with 'Blood on the Snow'

December 16th - January 3rd 2010

A group exhibition challenging you to think about Christmas in new and different ways