Vic Ecclestone                                 Bristol City Council                       

Vernon Jones                                    Hengrove School, Bristol

Suzane Sharaawy                            Abdul Moneim Waassel Experimental School, Alexandria.

Haiam Mohamed                             El Mostakabal Experimental Language School, Cairo.



Nasser Elssamadisy                         Visual Artist, Alexandria

Hany Madour                                   Ceramicist, Egypt

Heather Tweed                                 Multi media artist, Bristol

Nicola Jane Gissing                         Multi Media Artist, Bristol




Sue Harrison                          Freelance consultant from the UK

Nairy Avedissian,                   Manager, Arts & Events, British Council Egypt.


School Staff

Rebecca Fitzgerald               Art Gym Manager,

Anna Azabady                      Art Department Technician     





8th - 12th October

First working group conference, Egypt at The British Council, Cairo to devise a timetable for the project, work on aims and objectives and plan first creative projects. "Journey's" agreed as the overall theme for creative projects.

half day visits to El Mostakabal Experimental Language school in Cairo and the pottery studio of Mohammed Mandour (Hanay's father and mentor) in Fustat.


15th October

"Personal Box " introductory project started in Bristol by Student Teachers and Artists/Teachers in Egypt within the usual timetabled art classes prior to Artist workshops beginning.


19th October

E-group set up to enable participants to communicate and access files online.


11th November

First Planning session for Bristol artists at Hengrove Community Arts College First project started in both countries and all schools 22nd November.


13th December

Video Conference link from Monks Park School Bristol and British Council, Cairo involving students, teachers and artists from all schools.




21st February

Bristol Artists begin month of workshops at Henbury School, Bristol.


5th - 10th July

Second working group conference, at Hengrove Community Arts College, to evaluate the project to date and plan the next projects.

included visit to Lord Mayor's mansion in Bristol to meet the Lady Mayoress, sightseeing tour of Bristol and various cultural events.


11th- 18th October

Nasser Elssamadisy leads workshops at Hengrove linked with his solo exhibition at Hengrove Art Gym Gallery.


19th October

"One Day" photo project carried out by students in Alexandria, Bristol and Cairo simultaniously.




29th June

Opening night of Exhibition of artwork produced during the project including work from Alexandria, Cairo and Bristol.

Hanay Mandour attended with various guests and officials from Egypt, many students and parents were also present alongside well known artists Richard Long and Stephen Cox.


 Nasser, Vic, Vernon, Sue, Suzane, Haiam, Nicky, Heather