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Dream Pyramids     


With year 7 my workshops started with 'Journeys, Stories, Dreams', looking at images by William Blake, Frieda Kahlo, Fuseli etc. Students drew images of their own dreams and nightmares, these were attached to pyramid shaped sculptures they had created using bamboo poles and waxed paper, sewing the structures together using raffia.


Suitcase Suits


Next we looked at Joseph Beuys, one of my favourite artists but not conceptually easy for young people, they grasped his shamanistic storytelling (especially his aircrash, suposedly awaking to discover he was being cared for in a Tartar camp covered in fat and felt.) We worked using old suitcases containing small suits sewn by them, echoing the artists work.


Sentinel Figures


In the following project running into year 8 we studied the work of Giacometti and his interest in historical ancient sculpture and looked at issues of scale, creating large size semi-figurative sculptures from papier mache. The designs for the sculptures were developed from looking at images of Ancient Egyptian stone and clay artworks.


Ghost Sarcophagi


Then we looked at examples of Egyptian sarcophagi and the paper sculpture of Susan Cutts creating ghostly, ephemeral sculptures from tissue paper using students real hands and clay masks as moulds that the students had previously made, based on photos of their own faces.