New Installation and site specific Art Trail


 (In association with Lost Not Found:Abscission)

The Crocodile is Dead, long live the Crocodile.

A search of chance and fate.

Seven zoolatry offerings hidden within walking distance of The Heart of Midlothian.

Will you divine their whereabouts or simply stumble?

New installation and site specific art trail by
Heather Tweed

March 1st - 27th 2010
10am -11pm





During the course of the Exhibition seven new Crocodile sculptures will be hidden within walking distance of the Heart of Midlothian in Edinburgh.
Each piece will be enclosed within a clear bag with an instruction leaflet enclosed.
The artwork can be found at locations within walking distance of the Heart Of Midlothian
The Finder then has three choices:
a. Keep the Artwork.
b. Leave the Artwork for others to find.
c. Move the Artwork to another location.

In association with Lost not Found:Abscission.
Exhibition at The Forest Gallery March 1st - 27th 2010

Pieces hidden on Sat 27 Feb
As each piece is found it will be added here with details (Placemarks of NOT FOUND pieces are clustered around the Gallery area on the map. They are Not located there & will only be placed correctly when found or when the project is complete)

SHORT LINK to this map

*First piece found and reported 27th Feb*



On The Crocodile Trail, in Edinburgh…

(Crocodilopolis )

Bristol based Artist, Heather Tweed will again be giving residents and visitors to Edinburgh the chance to search for and keep a series of small artworks that will be hidden around the City Centre.


The new installation art piece was inspired by a visit to a school in Cairo whilst working on a British Council Project. The artist was startled to see two Nile Crocodiles in a swimming pool in the play area separated from the pupils by a rather rickety fence. Further research revealed that Ancient Egyptians revered and worshiped crocodiles to the extent of having a whole city devoted to them, Arsinoe named Crocodilopolis by the Greeks. One large creature embellished with gold and gems was fed daily with a cake made from honey, meat and wine.


The exhibition entitled 'Crocodilopolis' at The Forest Gallery on Bristo place will feature one of her life-size Anubis Schoolboy figures with new artworks and seven small crocodile sculptures will be hidden around the City Centre for anyone to find, report back to the Artist then either re-site or keep. This is a follow up to the Artists successful Lost Not Found: Abscission project featuring 28 artworks to be discovered that took place during last years Fringe Festival. As pieces were found photographed and reported they were added to an interactive online Googlemap.


'I love the thought that anyone could stumble across the Artwork and have entered into some very interesting dialogues with a few folk who have found the work but know very little about Art and certainly rarely visit Art Galleries. As a regular Fringe visitor the initial project was started in these straitened times as something I would like to find and participate in myself. I wanted to bring a similar project to the City outside of Festival time and plan another in August this year with pieces from invited Artists, including a few surprises.'


To find out more you can visit the exhibition or look online at


The exhibition begins on March 1st at The Forest on Bristo Place and runs concurrent with a Solo show at Kings College Gallery, Taunton. Artworks hidden from 27th Feb details from then on


 Please contact mailto:heathertweed for high-res. images or further information.


About the Artist:

Heather Tweed is an artist based in the UK. She has exhibited widely across the country (with pieces in New York, Tokyo and The National Library Of Congress, Washington) and been involved in a variety of projects over the years including teaching, workshops, artist lead exhibitions as well as exhibiting in traditional art galleries and alternative spaces.


She has worked with organizations including The British Council Cairo, Bristol City Council and Arts & Business. She was one of the first Saatchi Online Critics Choices in 2007.


 Her first Degree is in Fine Art Ceramics and further education includes a PGCE in Fine Art and Design and a PGC in Digital Entrepreneurship.


Anubis Other World Tour has been visiting art galleries, caves and other interesting venues 'scaring, lulling and making mock' since 1997.



About The Forest:

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The Forest

3 Bristo Place



March 1st- 28th 2010

10am - 11pm