Call to Artists to Participate August 2010


Artists are invited to submit proposals for  Lost Not Found:Abscission (Edinburgh II)

Artforms can include, sculpture, photography, mixed media, painting, digital (on CD).

Pieces should be able to fit easily into a sealable plastic bag aprox. 12 x 19 cm or 10 x 29 cm

There is no theme to respond to apart from the title although the environs and history of Edinburgh may be taken into account.

Please include a brief CV and proposal for your piece or pieces, 2-3 images and contact e-mail address.


The Artwork is packaged and hidden around The City for anyone to find so it will not be returned to successful applicants.

This is a game of chance and fate so Artists should be prepared for the possibility that their artwork may not be found or reported as found.

Application deadline 12th April.

Send applications to

Looking forward to seeing your ideas......

Background to the project:


The first part of this project was initially conceived to take place for the duration of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009.

28 small Artworks were hidden around Edinburgh City Centre within walking distance of The Heart Of Midlothian for anyone to discover and keep. No clues were given to the locations so each find was by chance.

The packaging had instructions on how to report and keep or re site the Artworks.

Each find was reported on Twitter, Facebook and added to the Googlemap and Artists website.


The main aims were to:


  • Create a surprise element for Edinburgh residents or visitors in the form of a free Artwork.
  • Provide a possible access point to Art for 'Finders' who may not be frequent Gallery goers or have an interest in or great knowledge of Art. (To engage possible new audiences.)
  • Use online technology in the form of a Googlemap to track the locations and possible movement of the Artworks.
  • Experiment with personal notions of psychogeography in the siting of the Artworks.


When the project took place there was a very real possibility and risk that none of the pieces would be found or reported.

In fact 12 of the 28 were reported with several re-sited by finders, one piece is in Canada, as yet un re-reported. One piece found in August was only reported in November.


The actual Finders who reported their finds were a cross section of residents and visitors including a Heating Engineer who initially thought it was 'a wind up or a joke' until his young daughter took an interest in the website and Artwork, a tourist from Canada, visitors to the Book Festival, Dr's and visitors to Cultural sites in The City. Others may have found the work but not reported and some pieces may have been collected as rubbish.


The project also to some extent tested inherent notions of honesty and compliance since there was no actual legal imperative to report the find in order to keep the artwork, aside from that implied within the text of the packaging.

A personal sense of danger and exhilaration were also present during the siting of the Artworks, possibly akin to shoplifting in reverse.



Lost Not Found:Abscission (Edinburgh II) August 2010


The second part of the Edinburgh project will take place in the City from 6th - 30th August 2010.


The structure of the project enables potential participants (finders) to engage at the level of interaction they wish, at the lowest level they could find a piece but not report, they could report but remain anonymous, report & with their consent their image and possibly comments are used and published online. In practice currently all participants have been more than willing for their photographs and details to be used.



The basic structure and aims will remain as above with the addition of opening up the project to invited and selected Artists.

The aim is to encourage new ideas and Artworks for inclusion with the possibility of some unexpected artforms and concepts.


It is envisaged that the new project should remain fresh and exciting due to the unexpected nature of the finds and the volume of new audience in Edinburgh during the Festival season.


Project Timetable:


By 12th March:

Open invitation to Artists to participate in the project posted in Artsjobs & News Digests, Artist Newsletter online, bulletin boards, personal contacts etc…


12th April:

Closing date for applications.


14th May:

All Artists contacted with decision on inclusion.

Selected Artists post work to HT.



Listings details and first press release sent to media.

List of Artists published on website.



Packaging of Artworks and preparation of project.



HT to travel to Edinburgh to site Artworks from 4th.

Set up Googlemap and website image Gallery.

Resident in City first week and at least one other week TBC.