About the Project:

Chapmans Monkey is a developmental project journeying into the world of pedigree, tales and truths

This website hopes to document and catalogue some of the many hundred of hitherto unseen artifacts, texts and archive materials relating to the Family Tree.

There are branches of the Family in various worldwide locations, although this project intends to focus on the direct line from Hobbs Village in an undisclosed location in the fourteenth Century and ultimately hopes to make a connection to the family roots before that time.

As the project progresses more content will be added to the site with relevant provenance, stories and history as appropriate.

The Origins

In 1761 during excavations for a new deep bore well in Hobbs Lane Village, Essex a hitherto undiscovered extensive cave complex was discovered. Explorers and proto archaeologists began to unearth a wealth of objects and Artifacts from  cultures across the world and timespan. As the explorers delved deeper a series of unforeseen accidents and illnesses befell those involved. After a large section of cave wall collapsed it was decided to seal the entire system and many of the Artifacts lay unrecorded and forgotten within the massive complex or sealed in untouched boxes buried deep in local museums and storage areas.

In 1974 two children who had been playing in a meadow near the Village returned with small shards of gold and handfuls of what appeared to be fragments of cloth. According to news accounts of the time the children were confused in their story and somewhat shocked.At least one artefact held the faint inscription of what appeared to be the family crest of the Sibuna Family, an ancient and distinguished yet secretive clan with roots spreading back to ancient eras. Despite repeated attempts using modern technology the caves had never been rediscovered...until now... When an act of synchronicity alerted the Artist to the hoard.

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