Heather Tweed is a multimedia artist and educator based in the UK. She has exhibited widely across the UK (with pieces in various international settings) and been involved in a variety of projects over the years including teaching, workshops, artist lead exhibitions as well as exhibiting in traditional art galleries and alternative spaces.She has worked with organizations including The British Council Cairo, Bristol City Council and Arts & Business. Her first Degree is in Fine Art Ceramics and further education includes a PGCE in Art and Design and a PGC in Digital Entrepreneurship.The ever expanding Installation 'Anubis Other World Tour' has been visiting art galleries, caves and other interesting venues scaring, delighting and perplexing in equal measure since 1997.

'Lost Not Found:Abscission', an ongoing public interaction project, was conceived in 2009 and featured the 2010 Edinburgh Art Festival with ongoing projects announced as they progress including Figment in New York.  A new ongoing project 'Chapmans Monkey' is currently in development, this Installation and project launch exploring notions of pedigree, tales and truths and otherworldliness.

Much of the Artists work embodies a dark undertone with a counterbalancing wry humour. The sculpture and figures harbour an almost supernatural presence perceivable upon an encounter with one or a grouping at an exhibition. Some viewers believe the figure about to move and many are startled to see 'bodies' being loaded into a van or car. This is part of the artwork experience and runs alongside public interaction at the heart of the Artists practice. Inherent notions of honesty, perception of reality and 'audience' participation are also integral to many of the projects and artworks.

Installation, Sculpture, Video, Digital Collage Canvasses, Mixed Media

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