A remarkable tale, parts the first and second, associative evidence of which may have been discovered upon purchasing, as if by lottery, one of the creators Artworks available Hamburg Art Vending Machine.



Infinite Monkey


On July 17th 1810 Captain Sibuna stood on the deck of HMS Pyramid. It was exactly 11.49 pm as noted In the Ships Log.

The unsettling stillness of the ocean was Indistinguishable from the sky above, there was no horizon, no wind, no movement only a grey stultifying huggamugga of mist. The world could be upended and no one would be any the wiser. He still found it uncanny yet oddly comforting to be swaddled in this primal fog.

As this thought crossed his mind the fog melted from the becalmed ship. Every movement rustled the braid on his uniform. At midnight he was about to raise his spyglass when an extraordinary display of lights appeared in the Eastern sky, they span and turned and danced, seven lights in perfect co-ordination moving quickly towards the West then vanished as soon, as unexpectedly as they appeared.

The ship remained becalmed and the air was as still as ever. Then a little flailing splash and a small cry. There was a scrabbling noise as if something was trying to board the craft. There had been no one else on deck and all was quiet below so the Captain climbed out and down towards the water, he could see nothing so leaned further out dabbling his hands in the ocean. A small furry, spindly, damp paw reached out to grab him.

During the long voyage home Captain Sibuna secreted the monkey in his cabin. He had been sure it had uttered the word 'Home' as he pulled it from the water and his suspicion had proved true. He had expanded the apes vocabulary and they were able to have conversations of an intellectual nature although the creature apparently had no easily understood concept of time.

The Captain noted in his own diary that he had no explanation of why he kept his cabin guest secret as he fully trusted his crew save for a scurvied boy he had taken on as a favour for this voyage only.

As The Pyramid docked at Portsmouth Harbour according to the Log and diary The Captain was on the bridge, his cabin unattended. As the Crew disembarked with the first of the Cargo he heard piercing screams and cries for help. He clearly recognised the sound of his apes voice and rushed to catch a glimpse of the dockside only to see his precious cargo, his friend, being bundled away by the Town Guard.

After several days The Captain gained permission to visit the incarcerated monkey and understood that the poor creature had summarily been charged with the crimes of espionage and treason and was due to be hanged the next week Captain Sibuna noted that 'My dear new friend shewed not a sign of distress nor illness and requested only that he be provided with much best quality parchment and a writing implement of impeccable origins.'

The Captain visited on many occasions and noted that the materials appeared to be untouched although his friend was devouring as much literature as was placed before him.

The day of the hanging arrived and Captain Sibuna struggled through the crowds to enter the lock up. He accompanied the officials to the cell expecting and hoping to be of some small comfort to the monkey. The heavy cell door was unlocked. To the astonishment of all present the cell was devoid of any living being. Only hundreds of tiny exquisitely sculpted figures of monkeys filled the room floating and shining like lights in the night sky.